Jul 24, 2010

Celebrate Brooklyn! OkayAfrica with The Roots and Talib Kweli@ Prospect Park

ちなみに私日本人アーティスト以外で最初に自分で買ったCDはthe rootsの一番好きなアルバム『Things Fall Apart』です。1999年にNYに初めて遊びにきたときにvirgin recordで買いましたよ。5種類あるアルバムジャケットありますがRiotバージョンもってます。すべてかなりいいジャケ写真ですよ〜。
I went to this concert abt 2 weeks ago. It was so good. I really like free outside concert in NY. Because of course it's free and I can feel the vibes that people is really enjoying the music. I got the roots album『Things Fall Apart』@virgin record,when I came to NY first time in 1999. It was first time to get not Japanese artist CD for me. I have riot version.I like their all front covers though.

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