Mar 22, 2010

Sunday branch

We had branch at soho park.I finishd this big sirloin steak sandwich!!

Mar 21, 2010

record shop near franklin station

Every time when I passed by this store,I always wanted to go inside.
Finally I did.There was Japanese magazine called 212mag in the store.
The owner said some jp guy came to the store to take a picture before.212mag is focus on bed-stuy you might see this record store owner in the magazine.

tofu lasagna and white wine

I cooked tofu and fish lasgna. It was good.I had Riesling from Israel.

Mar 12, 2010

weekend's breakfast

I want to eat this kind of breakfast everyday if I have enough time in the morning.
white rice with avocado and natto.miso soup with green veg and egg.

Mar 11, 2010

Biggie party in bed stuy@lab

p diddyがビギーのパーティーをするってことで出かけてきました。。。が、、、
I was so excited to go out to diddy's party for biggie!!But,,,,

Omg!!so long line.I should have got the ticket.

ん??裏口から入れそう?? え?無理?
Can I get in from the back?? No??

Just in case,we might get walked around the club.

at the end,they shutdown the club because there were too many people let's go to chicken place!

kids wanted me to take their


おれも撮ってくれー!take my picture too!!

RIP Biggie(3/21/1972-3/9/1997)

wine tasting

まゆみちゃん達とワインテイスティング行ってきました。もちろんすべてのワイン試しましたよ。まゆみちゃんなんておかわりしてましたww 帰り道はほろ酔いでよい感じでした。
I went to wine tasting in brooklyn with my friends.I tried all wines they had and i was a little tipsy.

DOCwine shop 147 broadway brooklyn NY